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NJ Lottery Event Source 2021

The New Jersey event source state lottery is run and regulated by the state government. Under this canopy, the NJ Lottery also has a number of games that receive audiences beyond the state lines because the lottery is also a member of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL).

You will, therefore, find an NJ Lottery Event Source hosting games like Megamillions and Powerball which have been awarding the biggest jackpots to players across New Jersey. If you’ve ever had any questions about the lottery in this state, then you should spare a couple of minutes of your time to read this review. Here we go!

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NJ Lottery Event Source

NJ Lottery Event Source Programme

Besides just giving out the jackpots, the NJ Lottery has planned an event-driven lottery programme that will take place throughout New Jersey state.

If you are interested in participating in any of their events, check out the schedule on their official website and make sure you join in.

New Jersey Lottery Games

As we speak there are quite a number of games offered by the New Jersey Lottery. To know which games to expect in an NJ Event source check all the categories as we’ve highlighted below.

Pick 3

It is one of the oldest lottery games ever introduced in New Jersey and in this game, the highest jackpot always goes to the player who plays straight. This means that you have to match all the three digits in order.

Besides, players here can also choose the box, a pair, and a spit. And for each, the minimum amount you can play with is $0.50 and the maximum payout you can win is $250.

New Jersey Lottery Pick 3

Pick 4 NJ

Play 4 NJ is somewhat different from Pick 3 because it presents the player with only two ways of winning.

You can play with up to $0.50 and choose to match all the given four digits in any particular order for a straight bet or in whichever order you choose for the box wager.

Jersey Cash 5

Jersey Cash is simply a fusion between all the New Jersey lottery pick games we have just discussed above. In this game, the betting slip costs $1.00.

Additionally, there is a 5/40 matrix and the first prize you expect from playing it is actually a progressive jackpot that runs up to a couple of million dollars daily. Other than the first prize, there are other tier prizes which are also quite high.

NJ Lottery Mobile App

Did you know that there are native NJ Lottery mobile apps for iOS and Android users in New Jersey? And these apps are available on the iTunes App Store for iOS and the brand’s website for Android.

However, note that you can’t buy online lotto tickets or play games in the NJ Lottery app.

You can only use this app to track the progress of the draws via real-time notifications and tools like finding a physical retailer where you can buy your tickets. The only way you can pay for games via mobile is when you are at the physical retailer or vending machine location.

Through automatic detection via your phone’s geolocation services, you can then purchase Fast Pay games after you scan the Fast Code from your smartphone.

NJ Lottery Registration Form

Biggest wins in the History of NJ Lottery

For many people, thinking about winning large sums of money in the lotto is basically building castles in the air and that’s as far as it goes. You should, however, know that plenty of people have been bagging the rewards. And just so that you can see that people have actually won in these competitions, here are some of the biggest sums of money that have ever been won in the NJ Lottery:

  • In 2010 just after the introduction of New Jersey Powerball, the winner of that time won $211 million.
  • Just recently, a Dominican immigrant was lucky to win the largest prize of $338 million.
  • Back in 2017, a New Jersey family landed on a cool $429 million jackpot
  • Last year (in 2018) Robert Wahl who has lived for only 1 year in NJ won $533 million

Parting Shot on NJ Lottery Event Source

At one point or another, we have all dreamed about winning millions of dollars in jackpot rewards, right? Well, from today’s exclusive scoop, we’ve covered all the ways that you can chase your dreams, through taking part in any of the events that we’ve highlighted above.

Sign up today with NJ Lottery Event Source and try your luck. In the Keystone State next door? Check out the PA Lottery online!

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