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PA Lottery Megamillions: our guide

PA Lottery Megamillions is a Pennsylvania lottery game held twice a week. It has a jackpot minimum of $40 million. Carefully read our guide below to learn the rules of PA Lottery Megamillions, how to collect your winnings and other useful information.

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What’s PA Lottery Megamillions and how does it work?

PA Lottery Megamillions is a fun and easy lottery game for the residents of Pennsylvania. It consists of regular 70 numbers and the additional 25 Mega Ball numbers. It also has a multiplier option which you can use to extend your winnings. The draws are concluded twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday at 10 PM Eastern time.

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How to Play PA Lottery Megamillions?

Learning to play PA Lottery Megamillions is relatively easy.

  • All you have to do is select 5 out of 70 numbers in the top grid and an additional “Mega Ball” number from 1 to 25. Each game costs only $2.
  • You can choose to subscribe and purchase 13 weeks worth of tickets in advance (26 tickets in total). There’s an option for you to select your lucky numbers manually, or you can buy a ticket with random numbers already filled out.
  • For an additional dollar, you can also select the multiplier option. On each draw, the multiplier can be between 2x and 5x.

So, for example, if you correctly guess three numbers, your winnings will be $10. However, if you paid an additional dollar for the multiplier and the multiplier came out to be 4x, your total winnings will amount to $40.

Not counting the multiplier, the PA Lottery Megamillions prize table looks like this:

Only Mega Ball$2
One number + Mega Ball$4
Two numbers + Mega Ball$10
Three numbers$10
Three numbers + Mega Ball$200
Four numbers$500
Four numbers + Mega Ball$10,000
Five numbers$1 million
Five numbers + Mega BallPA Lottery Megamillions Jackpot

PA Lottery Results for Megamillions

Where and How to Check?

As we already mentioned, PA Lottery Megamillions draws are conducted on Tuesday and Friday each week. The cut-off time for the purchase of your tickets is 9.59 PM on those days. You can watch the draws on several of your local TV stations, or you can check the winning numbers online.

Just go to the official Pennsylvania Lottery website and navigate your way to the Megamillions game. Here, you can also check the winning numbers for some previous dates.

How to Withdraw Winnings?

If you were lucky enough to win on PA Lottery Megamillions game, here are the rules considering your withdrawals. The back of each winning ticket needs to be signed by you personally. You also need to provide a clear print of your name, residential address, and phone number. You can claim your prize in person or by mail.

There are also certain rules considering the worth of your prize. If you won up to $2,500, you can claim the winnings at the PA Lottery retailer. Prizes above $600 will also require a filled out claim form which is available at the retailer. Prizes over $2,500 can only be paid by the Lottery, and some bigger prizes can only be collected in person.

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Is there a bonus currently available for this game?

After you register at the website, you will be entitled to a $5 sign-up bonus which you can then use for playing PA Lottery Megamillions.

Can I play PA Lottery Megamillions on mobile?

Yes, the Megamillions game is available at PA Lottery’s mobile-friendly website. You can also download an outstanding app that’s available for free in Google Play and App Stores.

I have a problem with a game, what do I do?

If you encountered any issues with the game, you can contact the PA Lottery support team via email. You can also call them directly by phone. Just navigate to the contact page on the PA Lottery website and you will find all the contact information there.

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